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This section is dedicated to the things that men ought to know – or ask, if they don’t already know – before they buy any sexual enhancement product. Consider these issues:

  • Purity. Many “herbal” products aren’t exactly natural, in fact, many of them contain chemicals like the active ingredient in ViagraTM to produce results. Make sure any product you choose is tested for purity.
  • Safety. Are there side-effects or contra-indications you should know about?
  • Drug Interactions. Before you take any product, you should consult your doctor if you’re currently taking other medication.
  • Yohimbe. Although effective, definitely an herb to stay away from. It’s now been banned in countries like Australia because of the adverse side-effects that come with long-term use of Yohimbe.
  • Research. Is there a body of evidence supporting the product’s claims about both safety and effectiveness?

Here is a short list of reasons . Well, here’s the short list of reasons why Perfomaxx is the best choice for purity, safety and proven results.

It’s safe. We have both the testing and consumer evidence to prove that Perfomaxx is safe. Here’s the short list:

  • Improvements in blood and oxygen flow can cause mild headaches in a small percentage of users. These effects disappear with continued use.
  • An overdose of Perfomaxx can cause vomiting and since Perfomaxx increases testosterone, an overdose can cause irritability or lower anger or aggression thresholds.
  • Perfomaxx should not be used by pregnant women.
  • Use some other drugs may reduce Perfomaxx effectiveness. If you’re currently taking any drug or medication, always check with your doctor before taking any new medication or product.
  • Instead of long-term side-effects, Perfomaxx has long-term benefits for you, your sex life and your body.
  • Do not take Perfomaxx prior to consult a physician or a doctor if you are using other products or medications that include nitrates, like amylnitrate, butylnitrate or “poppers”.
  • However, anyone undergoing treatment for any medical condition should consult their doctor before taking any new type of drug or supplement. Some drugs, especially those associated with high-blood pressure treatment, may diminish the effectiveness of Perfomaxx.

A final word about safety. Make sure you play safe when you take Perfomaxx or any sex enhancer. These products can allow you to engage in sex when you might be a little under the influence – don’t let your sex drive get ahead of your common sense and practice safe sex!

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